Faith Larkins Invites YOU 
to Join Our JV Launch of the BEST Gift Card Opportunity EVER!!

If you're a seasoned network marketer, you have the exciting opportunity of getting in at the top of one of the GREATEST OPPORTUNITIES EVER.

If you love using gift cards to make your purchases like we do, then the "Gift Card A Month PLUS" Club is the opportunity you've been waiting for! Regularly priced at $39.95 annually, the "Gift Card A Month PLUS" Club sends you at least 1 $25 Gift Card EVERY MONTH to your mailbox.  Actually, you'll receive a lot more than that.  Since the "Gift Card A Month PLUS" Club is setup as a multi-level, multi-cycle program, you'll receive gift cards for EVERY 4x1 cycle you complete... 
Additionally, when you complete 1 program cycle, 4 levels, our program sends you on a PAID vacation for up to $1000!!  Yes, that's right.  We will pay you to go on a vacation so you can use your gift cards.  Or, you can opt to receive the cash instead.

Each Phase of the program, (4 Phases), increase in Gift Card value and cycle bonus payout... Phase 1: $25 Gift Cards with a $1000 Phase completion bonus... Phase 2: $50 Gift Cards with a $2000 Phase completion bonus... Phase 3: $100 Gift Cards with a $4000 Phase completion bonus... Phase 4: $250 Gift Cards with a $10,000 Phase completion bonus...

But wait...that's not all!!  Your membership comes with an awesome 2-level referral program (no other sign-ups necessary) which pays $15 for EVERY direct referral (1st level) and $5 for EVERY 2nd level referral...year after year after year as long as they keep their membership.

We're not even finished.  The "Gift Card A Month PLUS" Club program is a sister program to the "Movie A Month" Club and Co-Op programs.  EVERY Level 4 cycle, just like the vacation we're paying for, we're paying you into BOTH of these sister opportunities for additional revenue streams, over and over again for life.  Enjoy a lifetime of gift cards, movie tickets, extra money for your house and groceries, reimbursement for the services you already pay for year after year, and 100% covered healthcare expenses through the Housing4Life Co-Op.  Preview both opportunities below by clicking on either banner.
During this special JV Launch of the "Gift Card A Month PLUS" Club program, you have the opportunity to join for a one-time membership price of ONLY $20.  Yes, that's it.  $20 one-time only, never another annual fee.  But... join now, because this opportunity is ONLY available to 2000 members.  Once these in-house promotional memberships are sold, the regular annual price of $39.95 will stand.

Click on the Paypal payment button below, and once your payment has been made, you will be redirected to a special JV enrollment page where you will complete your registration form.  If you have any questions, send us a "Contact Us" message and we'll respond within 24 hours.  Please note that AZ Gold Marketing will show up upon clicking the below payment button.  AZ Gold Marketing is the parent company managing the website and program.
Option 1: Pay a one-time $20 payment through Paypal by clicking on the button below.

Option 2: Complete 1 Credit through a Starter Instant Rewards account by clicking on the banner below.  (Hint: First offer available once you sign up is only $15 out of your pocket)

If you have opted to join the program using Option 2 (Instant Rewards) or Option 3 (Paradise Freebies) instead of Paypal, 
please click HERE to enroll your membership.